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About the team: Aruna Devi Lakshmanan

Welcome Aruna, tell us a little about yourself.

Greetings, my name is Aruna Devi Lakshmanan. I'm a Computer Science Engineer from India with about 6 years of software development experience. I specialize in Front-end web application development - from wireframes to the build.

Before joining Gawati, what projects have you been involved with?

My first employer was MindTree Consulting, a large international IT consulting company. I worked with them supporting various big name clients like Kyocera Mita Corp(Japan), Logitech and AIG Insurance.

After two and half years at MindTree, I took a career break for a few years to care for my family. I got back to work with Product Foundry who were a Knowledge Engineering start-up based in Amsterdam for several frontend projects using front-end technologies.

I joined SalesPatron as the single front-end developer where i developed the entire stack starting from wireframes. SalesPatron developed sales performance products for both desktop and mobile.

After completing the product at SalesPatron in about 7 months, I was hired by TeamPost to help develop a specialized email client for Gmail. TeamPost is a Slack like application that uses Gmail as the back-end, basically turning your mailbox into a Slack like discussion application. I worked with them for about a year and a half and took the product to completion.

What do you use for building a frontend?

I flexibly work with different technnologies matching between the requirements and the product. I often use Java, Servlets, Backbone JS or CoffeScript and also have experience with Scala, Jade or SASS.


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