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What we can achieve with Gawati

Contributing to the prosperity of the people across Africa. Aligning the costs of maintaining ALL more closely to this goal of AIF is one of the main drivers behind initiating Gawati.

Once we considered developing ourselves, we started rethinking our position and realised that we can achieve so much more. Initially it was about control and becoming able to adapt dynamically to our needs; passive fees are replaced by activity based costs with verifiable goals.

With an open source approach, additional benefits fall into ones hands just while at it.

This software will deliver services to the general public in Africa. Many projects brought into the continent fall apart once sponsoring stops. They tend to be delivered comparable to services in commercial ways. This approach we find unfavourable and we have designed this project so it has a chance to be accessible instead, by those that are meant to benefit from it. Africans will take part in the technical leadership, have the opportunity to use, contribute or build upon, not merely license a product. Gawati has the potential to live entirely in local markets.

We have done our homework and reviewed existing quality document collection and library systems and we came to the conclusion that we have to add some key features that exisitng systems don't cover for us which you will also find useful. We intend to be a viable option as a foundation for other projects.

Although we concentrate on our own usage and workflow, we believe that our needs to large extent are shared with general public libraries. To allow for future cooperation we have designed it with reuse in mind.

We aim to be relevant.


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