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Gawati project uses standard open source licenses

Gawati is our abbreviation for "Gawo Hati", which is Kiswahili for sharing documents. We think it's a nice fit for our system which emphasizes the sharing, although you can choose to share metadata only... anyways, we want the effort that's going to be put into this system to be available for everyone appreciating its utility.

"For everyone" means we are going to apply the AGPLv3 license to the software, which is a non reversible release to the general public that requires all contributions to become AGPLv3 licensed now and in the future.

We understand from experiences in the history of open source that things can change over time and it is necessary to adapt to stay compatible with other projects, so we decided to be formally complete up front. Thus for all source code contributors we require to confirm a contributors agreement. If you are considering to contribute, please don't fear that part; we copy 1:1 the wording from community led Harmony Agreements whose goal it is to prevent such problems. In the categories of Harmony Agreements, we chose the copyright license method. This is the method that leaves the contributor with the full ownership over their code but explicitly ensures their agreement to our release of their contribution. We want contributors to have the full credit and ownership for their efforts.

Give credit where credit is due.


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