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AIF to start Open Source Library Project

African Innovation Foundation launches open source Library Project allowing data exchange between partners

We, the African Law Library (ALL) host a large number of documents and descriptive data related to law on the African continent. Over time, we have gained a lot of experience working with such a large dataset and we have collected feedback from diverse contributors towards this shared effort.

We started ALL using a proprietary system that didn't keep up as our library continued to grow. We have researched existing products on the market and have concluded that we need something different that will allow us to work together more efficiently. Now we are going to build a platform for exactly that.

From our research, we know we are not the only library that wants to efficiently collect its information to share with its partners. Based on the purpose of our foundation to catalyze innovation we decided to make this software open for all to use it, to support your ideas and to build upon for free. And to those who might consider supporting us, to see for themselves what we will achieve with the help of their contributions.

Welcome to Gawati, and thanks to all of you.


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